Candles, Mineral Makeup and a Business At Home - Create the Lifestyle of Your Dreams!


Let's Get Your Candle and Mineral Makeup
Business Started


Jackie Ulmer, Home Business Success Coach I want you to know what to expect from me and what my commitment is to you as team partners. This truly is a partnership we will enter into together.

What is it you want? A few hundred dollars a month? A few thousand? Or, a six figure income?

All of these are possible and I have achieved each one on my home candle and mineral makeup business journey. I am passionate and committed to helping as many people as possible realize the benefits and the joy of achieving your goals through this home candle and makeup business.

 Stop the presses! I am no longer building this candle business, click here to find my new company

My number one goal is to get you off to a FAST START; get your investment back; profit in your pocket and a growing team under you. Are you committed to this as well? I work with those who are willing to follow a proven success track that is laid out in front of them.

There are several ways to get started and create the business you want. My goal is to find out more about you and what you want and coach you on that path. Some ways will pay you much more quickly, and some ways take longer. You decide a couple of things -


How much do you want to make in your first 30 days?

How fast do you want to grow your business?

Are you interested in part time income, or full time income?

What steps are you willing and committed to taking to be successful?





















Think about these questions and answers as you make your sign up decisions. My goal is to take you from start up to our Director position in your first 12 months. This will put you into a special monthly bonus income pool; get your car bonus; and in most cases, create enough income to quit your job.

Does this interest you?

So, here are some steps and what to expect -

Get Signed up Select Your Business Builder Package Here. Remember, the package you select will determine your income level. I work with those who get started with the Sample Pack and above because I have learned that just getting started with the Starter Pack does not give you the tools you need to launch and build a business. Most distributors who sign with this package never get their business started because they have nothing to show or demo. 

Get Signed up Watch for your Welcome Email from the company with your Distributor ID # and the link to your Personalized Distributor Website and Online Store.   

Get Signed up Watch for my Welcome Email and Getting Started Steps. This contains every thing you need to access our training website and details to launch your business.

Get Signed up We will begin our personal, one on one coaching to Launch Your Business and set you up for success. This is offered to those who come in with a Business Builder or Sample Pack.


You'll be happy to know I am not a "sign 'em up and leave 'em" type of sponsor. I work closely with my team and will work hard to match your level of commitment.

So, if this sounds like the type of Home Business Coaching you are interested in, let's get started!

Choose the option that best suits you, based on what you want to achieve in your business. And remember, this is a business so you need product to be in business!

You'll then be automatically enrolled in the Monthly Auto-ship program of your choice for subsequent months. This allows you to purchase our products at the lowest wholesale cost available.

All packages include a Personalized Distributor Website.

How do I get started? --- The easiest and fastest way is online, just click on the link.

Getting Your Business Launched

Here are the steps, in order, that we will be working toward first and this is the system I teach:

  1. Introduce you to our 5 Elements For Success Training Site and Coaching System
  2. Create your Success System and Calendar to earn your first $600 - $2500 in 45 days.
  3. Coach you on Success Scripts and Language
  4. Design your Business Launch Event
  5. Sponsor your first 5 Team Partners
  6. Qualify you for Company Incentive Trip
  7. Create an Online System and Presence, if interested
  8. Duplicate this system with your team and Promote to $5K Diamond Distributor


So, are you ready? I am excited to begin this journey with you and coach you on your way to success! Get started first by selecting your Business Builder Pack >>>





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