Candles, Mineral Makeup and a Business At Home - Create the Lifestyle of Your Dreams!


Want to Make an Immediate Income? Let's Explore the Retail Possibilities with a Home Candle and Mineral Makeup Business! 

Home Parties Create Immediate IncomeYou are looking for a rewarding career, right? And what better way to take back control of your life than with our exciting company and product line.

Discover a brand new life with your own business!

You'll earn 30-50% profits on your retail sales! That means if you buy one of our jar candles for $9.50, and retail it for the suggested $18.95, you are going to pocket the difference, right away!

Imagine hosting a home party and creating retail sales of $400 - 600 (these are actual party averages by our distributors!) That creates a pretty nice hourly income if your time invested is 2-4 hours. You can do the math.

What difference would that make in your life if you schedule a party or two a month? How about a week? What if you made a 12 month commitment to fill your calendar with 1 or 2 parties a week? What type of income would that mean for you?

And, what if, after that first year, you had built a solid, sustainable business that would allow you to quit your job; be home with your family much more; and create the lifestyle you want?

We have a complete training program on how to "Party For a Living!" and have the time of your life while making money.

We also have a great "Show on the Go Gift Bag" party system for those who are busy and on the go. These are a great supplement to the proven Party Style plan.

The key to success in Party Style is proper training - this includes understanding the psychology behind the words you use and instead of presenting a party to someone as a favor to you; you want to turn it into the promise of a fun, profitable evening filled with good friends, good times and lots of free and discounted rewards!

You are going to develop some exceptional skills through our training and coaching.

We have other retail options available such as shows, expos and fairs; corporate gifts and more. What ideas can you come up with?

Creating several hundred and even several thousand dollars a month in retail has never been easier!

And, we will coach you on how to build a team and introduce our exciting home business opportunity while you are putting cash in your pocket. This develops that long term residual income.

What questions do you have? I would love to get them answered.

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Getting Your Business Launched

Here are the steps, in order, that we will be working toward first and this is the system I teach:

  1. Introduce you to our 5 Elements For Success Training Site and Coaching System
  2. Create your Success System and Calendar to earn $600 - $2500 in 45 days.
  3. Coach you on Success Scripts and Language
  4. Design your Business Launch Event
  5. Sponsor your first 5 Team Partners
  6. Qualify you for Company Incentive Trip
  7. Create an Online System and Presence, if interested
  8. Duplicate this system with your team and Promote to $5K Diamond Distributor


So, are you ready? I am excited to begin this journey with you and coach you on your way to success! Get started first by selecting your Business Builder Pack >>>


Mia Bella Candles and Mineral Makeup Business