Candles, Mineral Makeup and a Business At Home - Create the Lifestyle of Your Dreams!

Let me teach you how to incorporate “Party Style” into your Candle and Mineral Makeup business? What would an extra $500 – 1500 a month mean to your business?

How much easier do you think it might be to sponsor people into your business if they could actually see you making money? Did you know that the “Retail to Recruit” style of building your business is the most simple, duplicable method there is?

Why? Well, in the traditional style of only offering opportunity, no one ever actually sees money being made. It’s an abstract concept. You can show checks, but how was the money made? What took place?


Imagine in today’s economy how powerful it would be to show someone how to make $60-100 an hour having fun at a theme party with friends for a couple of hours; demonstrating your products and being social!

Pick a theme; set a date and invite your center of influence over. From there, ask them to host a party for you and share the benefits of what they will get! Watch how your income and your team grows when you learn the proper way to plant the seeds of opportunity with every retail event you create!

Remember – sales is not a dirty word. People buy every day! Present your products proudly and with flair and you’ll be amazed at your results!

With our 5 Elements  training site and platform, we will get you launched successfully and making money your first month. I guarantee you won't fail if you'll follow my system and coaching. I won't let you!!!

5 Elements For Success Training - Your Training Consists of:

  • Welcome to Your Business and Getting Set Up
  • Get Your Business Started - What to do; setting goals
  • Creating Your Success Calendar
  • Getting Bookings and Host Coaching for Success
  • Creating an Amazing Party Experience - Creating a PayDay at Every Party
  • Opportunity: How to Sponsor Others Through Your Parties and Build Residual Income
  • How to be a Leader
  • Our Weekly Team Webinars and Coaching
  • Scripts and Language for Success
  • Social Networking Online - How to Create Bookings, Sales and Sponsor Online
  • Much More

Getting Your Business Launched

Here are the steps, in order, that we will be working toward first and this is the system I teach:

  1. Introduce you to our 5 Elements For Success Training Site and Coaching System
  2. Create your Success System and Calendar to earn your first $600 - $2500 in 45 days.
  3. Coach you on Success Scripts and Language
  4. Design your Business Launch Event
  5. Sponsor your first 5 Team Partners
  6. Qualify you for Company Incentive Trip
  7. Create an Online System and Presence, if interested
  8. Duplicate this system with your team and Promote to $5K Diamond Distributor


So, are you ready? I am excited to begin this journey with you and coach you on your way to success! Get started first by selecting your Business Builder Pack >>>


Mia Bella Candles and Mineral Makeup Business