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Yes, You Can Attract Prospects to Your Candle and Mineral Makeup Business Online!


Building an Online Direct Sales - Network Marketing BusinessMany people are interested in learning some internet techniques for their business and I don't blame you! I've actually been using the Internet successfully since October, 1999.

Chances are, that is how you found me. So, it works!

Here are a few things you want to know before diving into this -

  • The fastest way to launch any business is through your warm market. No, this doesn't mean bugging them, it means notifying them! And, with our product line, this is very easy.

  • One of the benefits of notifying warm market first is that you develop certain skills that you will need when talking to people. Better to do this with people who know and love you!

  • Success online doesn't happen overnight. It could take a month, it could take 6 months. What if it's a year? People like to ask me what to expect and that is impossible to know because I don't know you or what you will put into your business.

  • It's more technical than some methods. It can be learned, and I am all self-taught, and started with no knowledge whatsoever. But, I had a huge desire and driving ambition and refused to give up. Does this describe you?

  • Please commit to being coach-able if you are going to pursue this. I can cut time off your learning curve if you'll start with the tools and game plan I provide you.

So, with that said, here are some details.

I began working the internet in my business in October, 1999, and love this way of business building. Many people told me it wouldn't work. I often heard – "This is a belly to belly business and you can't build a successful MLM business online."

Well, my results don't lie and neither does my bank account. If you are going to be coached by someone claiming to know internet marketing, make sure you understand EXACTLY what they mean by that!

 Here is what I do not mean by building my business online. It is not


  • Buying leads and plugging them into an autoresponder. That can be done but that is not true internet marketing.

  • Expensive ads and banner all over the internet. Again, this can be done but it is not the methods I use.

  • Some downline building system built around hype and fear of loss. Again, this can be done, it's not what I do and I have personally never seen one that works for the long haul. It's a churn and burn, and that is not good for the masses.

  • Nothing more than a replicated site that looks like everyone else's.


My system of Internet Marketing includes –


  • A solid program that is affordable and has wide market appeal.

  • A personal website that sells you first, company second.

  • The ability to link from your personal site to your company site.

  • Automated system for delivering information by email.

  • Training on many rock solid ways to attract people to you and your website. It's essentially about creating warm market in a different way – online!

  • One on One coaching on the personal website and steps to market online.

  • Team training site, support, coaching calls, resources.

  • One on One business planning sessions.


Online Attraction Marketing - I'll teach you how to develop your own presence online and get leads coming to you. Think about how you found me!



Here is more what you can expect from my online training and coaching. 


  • Online Marketing and Business Building Training

  • Getting Your Website Developed and into the Search Engines

  • Automating the follow-up

  • Social Networking Online

  • Finding Your Target Market and Online Niche

  • How and Where to find qualified MLM Leads and Prospects

  • Tools For Your MLM Business – what you need to have to be successful

  • How to Communicate Effectively – you can say too much and turn off your prospects

  • How to Present Your Opportunity

  • How to Train and Duplicate

  • How to Lead a Successful Team

  • Weekly Accountability Guide

  • Much More


You must know that you’ll never know it all! Your MLM Training will be an ongoing process so make sure that you always stay in the learning mode and be open to new ideas. One new idea put into action could create millions for you and your team!


Watch a few of my training videos about Online Attraction Marketing - (By the way, Youtube doesn't always capture the most flattering screen shots, oh well!!!)


First, what is Attraction Marketing? It's getting prospects to come to you, online.







Next is creating warm market online -




Social Media Marketing is a big part of the Online Attraction Marketing Picture. It starts with an effective Social Profile. Let's talk about Facebook, for instance.




Some Do's and Dont's, For Online Marketing



And then finally, what a successful Direct Sales, Network Marketing business can mean for you!

Let's get you started>>>>>

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