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My Million Dollar Business Plan - Let's Create the Same For You


Creating Mailbox Money from HomeWhat interests you most in our business? How much would you like to earn your first month?

Would you be willing to follow a system that I teach that will put $600 - 2500 with your first few events?

The answer to these questions will be the most important thing for getting your business launched and developing a solid, sustaining income source.

And, it helps to see how someone else did things, so let me share some of my story and my business plan with you.

When I started seriously considering this business in March, 2003, I was really not sure. See, unlike some, I was not looking for a Candle Business specifically. I was looking for a solid business that -

  • Had a Network Marketing Pay Plan (paid more than 3 levels)
  • Had a Product People Actually Want and Can Retail for Profit
  • Could Create a Six Figure Income
  • Had an auto-ship under $100
  • Was something beside a Juice Product; Vitamins or Travel

I was at a crossroads and trying to decide if Direct Sales and Network Marketing was really for me. I had been involved in other companies and just could not find a fit. I figured I had nothing to lose so I would give it a try.

I signed up and ordered a Business Builder Pack (choose from Total Pack, Fast Start or Beauty Demo Pack) because it's the only way to truly evaluate a product line; company and the opportunity to be successful. I figured that if I decided not to do the business, I would have some great gifts for the year and I burn candles myself. It was no risk!

For the first 6 months, I played around. A friend in Phoenix offered to host a home party, so I said yes, even though I had only ever attended three home parties in my life and had certainly never hosted one. It was successful (over $800) and I was excited. My friends had never been interested in my business products before.

But, there was something different about candles.

I came back to California and scheduled my own Home Party and invited all of my friends. Again, I sold a lot, and those friends are still my loyal customers today. I let everyone know there was a business attached, in case they were interested. I always believe in notifying people of what I am doing.

I contacted a few organizations and set up a couple of successful fundraisers. Honestly, I wasn't sure what I was doing, so I just followed the outline handed to me. (Today, that has all been expanded and is step by step.)

I decided to contact my list of names and see what happened. I began contacting people and a few people signed up. I was seeing some potential. But, I still was not convinced that a candle business could really create the type of income I was looking for.

I spent the summer doing some Farmer's Market shows with my kids and made some money. More importantly, I learned how popular candles are and how some people are candle fanatics.

In November, 2003, I decided to get serious about "this little candle business." I had made some money in retail and fundraisers, and I knew people loved the product. I had signed a few people up and my residual, monthly check from the efforts of those people was around $650.

Well, I put my blinders on and focused full speed ahead on getting the word out about my opportunity. I was (and still am) looking for people who want a business of their own. I sponsored and trained those who were ready.

The best way to build a solid steady business and income is through what we call - Retail to Recruit - share the products and opportunity; make some immediate income and sponsor the ones who catch the vision.

One year later, November 2004, my monthly residual check had grown from $650 to over $6500!!!  Wow, all with candles! And, I haven't slowed down and I haven't looked back.

So, here is what I recommend to you, should you decide this is right for you.

  • Get signed up with one of the Business Builder Packs (Total Pack, Fast Start Pack, or Beauty Demo Pack.) It is the best way to start your business and duplicate the process with others (remember that $6500 monthly check?)

  • Follow my Training and be coachable! I will teach you what I have done. Through this system, you will earn somewhere from $500 - $1200 your first month, depending on how serious and committed you are!

  • Have a Business Launch Event to notify those around you what you are doing. Even if you are like me, not the party type, you'll develop some lifelong customers (even if you have no clue what you are doing!) Our goal is 6-8 Theme Party Style events in your first 6-8 weeks. This launches you on a solid path. We want to create your success foundation. From there, we have lots of other options. The key is the Fast Start!

  • The most powerful way to build a business like this is to start with your first Party Style Event. We have exciting themes that engage your friends and create sales and future bookings. We have the 5 Elements Training Platform that, if followed, promises success.

  • Focus on sharing the concept of our business with 2 people a day. I will teach you how to do this.

  • Be very committed to your dreams and your success

  • Always remember that I am here to support you!

So, how does that sound? Not too complicated, is it?

So, let's get you signed up -

Let's get busy creating what YOU want!


Getting Your Business Launched

Here are the steps, in order, that we will be working toward first and this is the system I teach:

  1. Introduce you to our 5 Elements For Success Training Site and Coaching System
  2. Create your Success System and Calendar to earn $600 - $2500 in 45 days.
  3. Coach you on Success Scripts and Language
  4. Design your Business Launch Event
  5. Sponsor your first 5 Team Partners
  6. Qualify you for Company Incentive Trip
  7. Create an Online System and Presence, if interested
  8. Duplicate this system with your team and Promote to $5K Diamond Distributor


So, are you ready? I am excited to begin this journey with you and coach you on your way to success! Get started first by selecting your Business Builder Pack >>>


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