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Before We Go Any Further, Are You Coachable? Are You Committed to Finding a Business, a System and More Importantly, a Coach to Teach You How to Create a High Six Figure Income in MLM?



Jackie Ulmer, Mineral Makeup and Candle Business CoachFrom: Jackie Ulmer, Home Business Coach
Senior Platinum Director
2005 Distributor of the Year
Top Gun Recruiter 2003, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009

Lake Arrowhead, California


Here are some home business questions you may want answered -

  • Are you looking for a home business that is fun, simple and lucrative
  • Tired of overpriced juice and vitamin deals; travel programs that run into the thousands; and more of the same?
  • Have you been disappointed in other home business choices? Signed up and abandoned by a sponsor? No training or support? You won't find that here. Instead you'll find a coach and mentor committed to to coaching you on starting and building a solid MLM business from home.

  • Are you interested in working with the fastest growing team in the company and a top income earner? A top income earner who still answers the phone and works one on one with her team and partners? This is a team who dominates the top sponsor positions in the company every month. That comes as a result of solid training, integrity and a commitment to the team. We pride ourselves on being the "no hype" team. And, more importantly, we share the details on how we do this.

  • Have you been involved in Health/Wellness companies? Heard repeatedly about the Next Trillion Dollar Industry? You'll be happy to know our products fit right into that industry and don't require a $100-300 monthly auto-ship.

  • So, what is it?

You might be getting excited at this point, as some of these questions may ring a bell with you and this might be starting to sound like the right business. 

I have to tell you, I am a Rebel/Pioneer. I like doing things differently. I'm excited about the potential of taking my company to the top of the Network Marketing Profession and being the only product of its kind! Are you a little "out of the box?" We might be a fit!

When I found this company in March, 2003, I was tired of the same old stuff in the profession of Network Marketing. I was ready for something fresh, new and that no other company was offering. Does that interest you.

Although, I was skeptical at first, because I had been so brainwashed about what sells and doesn't in MLM, I wasn't sure. I had to do some research and what I found blew me away.

I'm so glad I was willing to evaluate and make an educated business decision, because with this company, I have developed a high, 5 figure monthly income, and multiple Six-Figure Annual income. All with a very simple product and plan.

I'm on track to hit $100,000 monthly in the next 18 months, and I would love to share this path with you.

In 2000, two businessmen and seasoned networkers started a business out of the basement of their house and last year they did over 15 million dollars in business. They now have a 30,000 square foot factory with over 80 employees and they are shipping product to every state and Canada. Their "claim to fame" is they have developed the best scented, cleanest burning candle in the world. I got involved because there is a great residual income potential. If this looks like something that you might be interested in, I'd like to show you more. It'll take about 20 minutes of your time. 

Wow! A simple product and a great residual program is what I always wanted, how about you?

So, I've partnered with a Home Fragrance company and our flagship product is a gourmet, Highly Scented Alternative Wax Candle. We've also added a mineral makeup line! Did you know candles are burned in 80% of homes?  Think how many people you know who burn candles? Think of the potential in building a team of distributors, who use and give away this simple product and teach others to do the same!

Did you know Candles and Makeup fall under the "Lipstick Factor" during a recession? That means people buy them regardless, because they are affordable and make a person feel good!

See how I set up my Original Business Plan.

Once I got my brain around it, the results were staggering. I have built a team of thousands of distributors who actually use and love the product. Men, if you are skeptical, read more >>>>>>>

And, if you know MLM and Network Marketing, you know that our real product is opportunity, right? That is what I sell - opportunity! Would you like to know more?

Here is what you will learn -

How to take a simple, affordable product used by the masses and turn it into a lucrative six-figure career income; how to sponsor others onto the team; how to use the Internet and Attraction Marketing to achieve this; and, how to notify your warm market and pick up customers who love your product (this was a real bonus for me since none of my friends or family were ever interested in my products before!)



What interests you in a candle or mineral makeup business from home? What excites you about starting your own business? How might I add value to your life through this business and company?


Consider these concepts as you explore your options - 

  • Ready for an exciting new business concept that allows you to earn a lucrative, immediate income through retailing our in-demand products, while developing a residual income through team building? 
  •  Do you wonder if now is a good time to start a candle or makeup business? So did I!! That was in 2003 and I've never been happier with a business decision. I'll share some of the reasons why later .
  • Have you been disappointed in other home business choices? Signed up and abandoned by a sponsor? You won't find that here. Instead you'll find a coach and mentor committed to coaching you on starting and building a solid candle business from home. 
  • Men , are you worried that this might be a business just for women? If so, here are some statistics you may want to know about a candle business and how you can be successful. Click here!
  • How would you like a solid training program that, if followed consistently, could create a $50,000 to 80,000 income in 12 months?
  • One last question - how many people do you know who burn candles already? Give them as gifts? Use during the holidays? Well, 80% of homes in the U.S. burn scented candles, so you can see already your market is huge!  And think about makeup. How many people do you know who use makeup? And it is recession proof! 

You might be getting excited at this point, as some of these questions may ring a bell with you and this might be starting to sound like the right business. It's a home candle business with top notch training and support. And, a product that sells itself if you just get it under and on noses ! 


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