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Fundraising For Profits with Candles and  Makeup 

Fundraising for your Group with Mia Bella CandlesCandle and Makeup Fundraisers can be extremely profitable for your organization. I believe that a person can earn a six figure income just focusing on Candle Fundraisers alone. 

All you need is an action plan, 10-15 hours a week to develop your fundraising contacts and partners and you are set.

And, as you do fundraisers, you create repeat orders from happy, satisfied candle customers, and you'll also find some people along the way who say - "This is great, I think I can do this, too. How do I get started in a Home Candle Business of my own?"

And, if you are thinking - "I don't know the first thing about getting started doing fundraisers!" Don't worry. I have a complete fundraiser training guide set up to coach you in how to contact groups and organizations; how to present the candles; forms to use; and how to run a successful fundraiser with our candles.

Using our Fundraising Training Guide, you decide on the price you want to charge for the candles; determine what percentage you are going to give the organization; and begin making your contacts and presentation. Don't worry, we will guide you. 

Whether you are looking for a successful candle fundraiser for your group, or interested in building a business from home with fundraising, we have some options you will love.

If you are a parent, or know kids anywhere, you may be sick of fundraisers involving -

Wrapping Paper
Bake Sales
Car Washes

Many parents, and consumers, are looking for value in fundraisers!

Our team has all of the training and resources already developed to teach you how to be successful running fundraisers with groups and organizations right away. You don't need prior experience with coordinating fundraisers. Just follow the steps in our manual, recorded calls and training resources and you'll find it to be a fun, lucrative and rewarding experience.

Remember this - organizations already know how to run fundraisers. Your job is to present, coordinate and deliver. You'll simply present an information pack, with a sample gourmet scented candle, to the fundraising group leader. Once they decide to earn money with these gourmet candles, your work is about finished.

You'll distribute the fundraising paperwork as outlines in our training manual; step back and allow the group to do the actual selling. When the group has completed taking orders, they'll deliver it to you and you place the order. Our amazing products are shipped either directly to the fundraising group or to you personally for distribution.

Imagine if you were to set up just 30 of the hundreds of thousands of organizations nationwide. If each of the 30 groups sold only 1,000 candles per year, you'd earn incredible income!

Repeat orders are quite common from those who purchase the candles at a fundraiser, and this adds many new customers to your customer base, as well as more fundraisers, and the huge potential for sponsoring other team members!

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