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If this Stay-At-Home, WAHM can earn a Six Figure Income with a Network Marketing Business, you can too! I will teach you!


Jackie Ulmer, six Figure WAHMHi! My name is Jackie Ulmer. I'm going to tell you right now that I never imagined that I could experience the success (and challenges, to be honest!) that I have in building a Network Marketing business.

Thanks for taking a moment to find out more. I started my MLM journey in January, 1994. Wow, what amazing things have happened since that time. Although initially a skeptic and someone afraid to talk to anyone, I overcame those fears and challenges to go on to build two different businesses to the top, with well over ten thousand on my team in each company.

Stop the presses! I am no longer building a candle business, read on to find out why.

  Things change, and businesses change and in the spring of 2010, I was facing a major challenge. I was the top income earner in a company for the past 6 years, but things were changing. My pay was being cut by over 75%. Ouch!


Red flags were coming up and I could no longer choose to ignore them. Together with my family, we made the decision to diversify our business plans and begin building a new venture.


We would love to share those details with you. This short video explains a little -





If it's a candle business you absolutely want, contact me and I am happy to provide you with the names and contact information of a few professionals that can assist you, since I am no longer building a candle business.

If you are interested in exploring what working together in my new business venture might look like, you can get the details of our Online Greeting Card and Gift Business  here!


More on My Story

As you read further, and even have a phone conversation with me, you'll find that there is nothing special or unique about me.


My background is similar to many, maybe even yours. I had a bright, promising career in airline marketing. I enjoyed traveling the world, a good income and an expense account. 


  Although I had fun, my time really wasn't my own. I had a boss and an alarm clock. 


When it was time to start a family, I struggled with the same decision as millions of women and men. Should I go back to work, leaving my children in someone else's care? Or should I give up my career and raise my children myself? 


The choice was simple. My family came first. But, it didn't stop me from wanting to continue my career or from wanting to create an incredible lifestyle. 


There had to be a way I could work from home, earn a great income and still be with my children. 


I had read numerous stories of people that were doing just that....working from home, raising their children themselves and finding a balance doing both. 


I decided to join the ranks of those who were successful. I made a commitment to educate myself on what was out there, select something that worked for me and my family, apply the time, dedication and perseverance that I knew it would take and reap the rewards!! 


Everything that I read kept pointing me to the Direct Sales, Network Marketing, and MLM profession. I was skeptical, and maybe you are, too. I couldn't see myself involved in "one of those" businesses. Yet, it seemed to be the answer. 


So, I began to educate myself on what Direct Sales, Network Marketing and MLM is, and what it is NOT. I was amazed. It wasn't long before I realized that this is absolutely the business for me! 


I wanted something in an industry that is fast-growing, recession proof, and that people use and want. I also wanted something that would provide an on-going residual income. You know, something that would pay me over and over for the work that I do one time! 



I began my research and, quite honestly, haven't stopped. After investigating a lot of things, I settled on the company that works for me, and that's what is presented here! I had a few near misses along the way, and had to test out and try a few different companies before I found a fit. 


While I built a successful business with the company highlighted on this site, dramatic compensation plan changes and a paycheck reduced by over 75% left me with some tough choices. Essentially start over, or move forward with a venture that has had my eye since it started – an International, Online Greeting Card and Gift Business. 


  Something that could become the NetFlix of the Greeting Card business, and you can send a card (a real card, not an e-card that no one pays any attention to anymore!) right from the convenience of your own home. You log on, search our card catalog with tens of thousands of cards, or create your own with your own photos, add your finishing touches, add in the address, and even a gift from our amazing gift catalog. The company prints the card, stuff it in an envelope and even stamps it with a real stamp, not a machine and mails it out. 


And you didn't even leave home! 


Please understand that I don't offer get-rich-quick schemes. While you can make a lot of money fast, it usually takes effort and consistency. But, that is the only way you will get what you truly want. Read more on how I set up my first business plan. 


Over a seventeen years later, I'm happy to tell you that I am doing just that.  


I have a thriving home business!  


One that provides a great income, allows me to be my own boss, be with my family, travel the world and still make money.  


It provides ongoing personal growth, education and development and the chance to help others get what they want! 


And, I've learned a lot along the way. How to choose the right company, how to build a successful business and how to teach others to do the same....I want to share all of this information with you. 


My time is my own! My kids never did have to go to daycare!  



And, because I work in an industry that is recession proof, fast growing and something used by everyone, I get paid while I'm having fun with my family at the beach, on vacation....even while I sleep!  


That's the benefit of residual income! 


In the process, I have coached thousands of other women and men on how to start, own and operate a successful home business.  


If you are serious, and committed, let's work together to create the same thing for you! 


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