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Jackie Ulmer's Company Awards, Articles and Recognition


Jackie Ulmer, Top gun Recruiter 2009Thanks for taking a few minutes to visit this page. First, I want to assure you that this page is not intended to brag about what I have accomplished.


It's to educate you about what we do, what we have available to us, and what you can accomplish, if you put your mind to it! Exciting, eh?

I'm a mom who wanted to create more fun, freedom and lifestyle for my family, and my slogan is "Profit in Your PJs!" 

There is nothing exceptional about me and my hope is that this page inspires you to know that with a big desire, commitment and the right coach (me, I hope, ha!) you can achieve the same thing, and maybe in an even shorter time. 

I had my share of struggles in the Direct Sales and Network Marketing Profession before I achieved the success I was looking for, rest assured. You won't ever find me written up in the network marketing Hall of Fame as a Fast Starter. And, that's okay. As we say - it is a marathon, and not a sprint.


What I do want this page to convey to you is that I have the experience, the battle scars (joking!) and the knowledge to coach you in achieving whatever it is you desire!


And, as you read through these newsletters by the company, MANY of the awards and stories listed in there come from this team. Let's get your story in there, too!


So, with that, here are some sites and links you may want to follow to learn more about me. Please note, all of this has been developed over time and I built a successful business online with just one website. Don't feel you have to do this to be successful -


My Main Website - this website is the first I created and is still my primary "home" online -


I also do outside coaching for those outside of my team -

My Training and Article Blog -



Misc. Article in the Company Newsletter



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Company Recognition and Awards


Company's First Million Dollar Earner


Company's First "Top Gun Recruiter"


One of the First 3 Company Directors


One of the Company's First Senior Directors


Company's First Platinum Director


Company's First Senior Platinum Director


Distributor of the Year, 2005


Leadership Award, 2007, Top Enroller 2006/2007




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